Kate Payne

Anyone can be a leader.

And I firmly believe it. With the right tools and mindset, your career can be whatever you want it to be.

If you want to invigorate your team, company or conference with a fresh perspective on leadership, consider one of my set talks below.


Critical Acclaim


Expose your inner critic and make the impossible possible


The way you speak to yourself predicts your day, your relationships, and your future.

In this talk, I teach people how to turn limiting beliefs into forces for positive change. Through a series of real client examples, you'll learn how to create new mental habits to see meaningful results at work and in life.

- Exercises in self-reflection
- Increased trust in yourself
- Inspiring stories of executives overcoming self-imposed obstacles


The Leadership Paradox


Develop leadership fluency by drawing on seemingly opposite skills


Most people assume that a leader needs to be one thing or another—they are usually wrong.

Throughout my career, I've learned that the best leaders are charismatic and reserved, they speed up and slow down, they talk and they listen. Utilizing the strength of your natural style and acknowledging your weaknesses, I'll teach you how different situations and people demand different approaches.

     - Uncover feedback on your impact
     - Recognize opportunities to deploy (or not) your strengths
     - Step out of your comfort zone and try something different


(Over)due Reflection


Invest in your self-awareness to build trust in your leadership


As technology takes over the workplace, our attention often goes out, instead of in.

If there is one thing it takes to be a true leader, it's self-awareness. Most people aren't as self-aware as they think they are. In this talk, I'll share practices for getting off auto-pilot and critically assessing your impact. You will learn how you are perceived and what to do if it's different than you hope.

     - Holding up a mirror to your impact
     - Make choices that are conscious and strategic
     - Build people's trust in your leadership


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