Kate Payne

There are so many things that I love about my job. I love that every person and every meeting is different. I love that there's no set formula for leadership success. Everyone has their own journey.

As for mine—I knew I wanted to be an executive coach before the job even existed.

The intersection of the human mind and business has always fascinated me. I received my B.S. in Psychology and Sociology from Middlebury College and soon after completed my Master's degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology at Clemson University.

My first exposure to the inner workings of corporate culture was as an associate at Accenture. (Or as I like to think of it, professional services bootcamp.) The expectations were high, work was demanding, the hours were grueling, and the client experience was imperative. Accenture gave me the foundational skills to relate and understand the work life of my future clients.

Fast Company Magazine didn't want a traditional HR person, so they chose me. I was in charge of shaping mindsets and behaviors of employees to positively influence company culture. I was the team's trusted confidante and advisor. I genuinely wanted every employee to love their work and their coworkers.  

Once with The Exetor Group, I taught leadership programs to some of the world's top management consultants. I fine-tuned my expertise in solving the most critical leadership challenges and I carry those invaluable skills with me today. Through my clients, I learned the importance of self-talk and how it can serve or sabotage you.

At The Children's Place Retail Stores, I created and led high potential and management development programs that enabled creative minds to do their best work. I managed a team of my own and worked with clothing designers, buyers, merchandisers, marketers, and most roles within the retail fashion umbrella. When our company merged with the Disney Stores, I helped facilitate the leadership transition.

Proteus International gives me the best of both worlds: the flexibility to run my own business and the opportunity to partner with a world class global consulting firm. With my wonderfully talented colleagues, we deliver coaching and consulting to senior executives and their teams across industries – from media & entertainment to biotech.

As an independent consultant, I help executives pursue professional success with clarity and confidence. I love working with people who have the energy and courage to become an even better version of themselves. 


Now that you know my story, let's write yours.