Kate Payne

I'm an executive coach by title—and so much more than that. 

I'm your voice of reason, your glimmer of possibility, and your guide. When you work with me, you develop in all aspects of your life. You will learn how to make your future happen. You will fine-tune what matters most and purposefully pursue that.

My clients don’t just become better leaders. They become better visionaries, listeners, influencers and executives.



I’m your trusted partner, motivator, and truth-teller.



Companies hire me to transform their business by transforming their people.



I inspire business leaders to think about success in different ways.

I teach the value of human connection.

By aligning intentions with impact, I guide business leaders through critical growth stages to fulfill their absolute potential.

It’s my job to generate momentum, clarify goals and create strategies to get there. My executive coaching process gets results. I create a trusting environment where clients are supported through every coaching stage.

I make the intangible tangible by establishing clear steps to turn feedback into action. Clients become aware of their habits, behaviors, and opportunities for growth, which benefits them in both business and in life.


Mindset is everything.