Executive Coaching (cont'd)

People who work with me learn specifically how to:

  • Position themselves and prepare for more senior roles
  • Accelerate their impact and success in new roles
  • Lead, manage, and grow high performing teams and individuals
  • Broaden their thinking on business challenges and opportunities
  • Influence colleagues at different levels with varying styles and personalities
  • Show up with executive presence
  • Experience newfound motivation and greater professional fulfillment

I work with any individual or team committed to growth and working towards a desired future.

Here's a look at the process:

  • 1. Commitment

    For the best results, we need to meet each other halfway. We begin with an initial consultation and get to know each other. You’ll share your hopes, goals, hesitations, and ask me any questions about the process and what you can expect when working with me. If you’re on board, we make it official.

  • 2. Assessment

    Where the real work begins. I conduct a 360 assessment and interview your peers, subordinates and superiors to gather constructive feedback on your strengths and growth areas. Once researched, I’ll create a detailed summary of discoveries. This step is critical to understanding which strengths to leverage and which barriers to overcome to reach your potential—and you’ll be amazed by how you’re perceived.

  • 3. Intensive

    A full day—all about you. There’s a reason it’s called an intensive, you will walk away the same person but feeling positively different. We begin the day with a refresh of your goals and a dive into your self-awareness. When we’re ready, we will review the 360 feedback for an honest look at your perceived skill set. For the rest of the day, we’ll explore and prioritize meaningful strategies and tools to catalyze and lock in positive behavioral change. The work is challenging and gratifying.

  • 4. Follow-up

    Next, regular coaching sessions ensure the shifts in mindset and behaviors become easier and rewarding. We work together to address challenges and create new leadership habits. As you grow, I’ll help you stay on track and support you. I’ll never stop believing in your potential.

  • 5. Evaluate

    Not just at the end, but throughout the engagement, I will help you gather feedback and evaluate your progress. Your personal experience with coaching is paramount and we also want to know how your growth is impacting others. When we wrap up, depending on how your goals have evolved, I’ll make recommendations for your continued development as a leader.